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Lexi LoMonaco

Lexi LoMonaco

Executive Assistant & Investment Advisor Representative

Lexi's professional journey has been marked by a diverse range of experiences, spanning six years in the banking sector and over a year as an Estate Planning Legal Assistant at a law firm. From navigating the challenges of financial scarcity to dealing with the intricacies of mismanaged estates, this unique combination has provided her with a holistic perspective on the profound impact of money at different stages of life.

Originally from and located in Alaska, Lexi's deep-seated passion for helping individuals in their unique financial situations led her to venture into Financial Coaching. In September 2022, she made a significant career move by joining LifeTyme Financial, where she currently holds a dual role as a Financial Coach and an Executive Assistant.

Lexi has demonstrated her commitment to professional development by acquiring a Life Insurance Producer License in eight states and her Series 65 License. These licenses reflect her dedication to expanding her expertise and providing comprehensive financial guidance to her clients.

Lexi's multifaceted background, coupled with her genuine interest in assisting others, positions her as a valuable asset in the financial coaching landscape. As she continues to grow in her role at LifeTyme Financial, Lexi remains driven by a passion for helping individuals navigate their financial journeys and build secure futures.

Outside the realm of finance, Lexi finds joy in embracing the outdoors and actively participates in volunteer work with various organizations. Her dedication to community service underscores her commitment to making a positive impact beyond the financial sphere. Additionally, she cherishes spending quality time with her family, balancing her professional pursuits with personal fulfillment.