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Message from the Founder - Vincent Del Franco

I honestly don’t know how my immigrant parents made it financially through their lives – they raised eight children while my dad worked two jobs. We struggled day-to-day and survived on what little we had and our own hard work.

Client Centered

My crusade began at the age of 33. With my wife, a son, and one on the way I had no idea how money worked or how to manage it. Through my quest to help me understand how money worked and how to make it work for my family, I realized there were other families just like mine that needed the education about money and how to make it work for them.

My early career in the financial industry left me frustrated and not being able to fulfill my true purpose for money which is to provide financial security and to leave a legacy for future generations. Not knowing anything about the financial industry, I thought I was helping families, where in fact, I was not. The concern was more about quotas rather than educating the client.

Enough was enough! In 2010, my wife, Tracy, and I established our own firm and began to fulfill our life’s dream…our American Dream!

As the founder, I no longer had quotas or upper management limiting what I wanted to do for clients. The client always comes first! By building a relationship around coaching, they reap the benefit of the education LifeTyme offers. This includes the importance of developing a strategy with money, how to efficiently make major purchases, retirement planning, and above all, helping people discover their true purpose for money, that which is more important than money itself.

By mentoring other Coaches at LifeTyme, I have been able to pass along the value of putting the client first. We continue to educate ourselves on the best methods to communicate our message and develop ourselves as premier investing coaches and for them to fulfill their dreams and live a created life!

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